Confidential Information and Updated Forms

To: Priests, Deacons and Case Sponsors
From: Fr. Daniel Ketter, Judicial Vicar, Metropolitan Tribunal

Recently, some questions regarding storage of confidential documentation in the parishes have come up. The Metropolitan Tribunal would like to clarify the proper procedures for paperwork submitted to the Tribunal.

• All documentation submitted to or received from the Tribunal for marriages or convalidations (e.g. dispensation/permission requests, radical sanation requests, etc.) should be kept in the pre-nuptial file as part of the parish’s permanent records.

• Petitions for declarations of nullity submitted to the Tribunal should not be saved as part of the parish’s records. The permanent records for these types of cases are stored at the Tribunal. Submitted documentation should only be kept by the Case Sponsor as a precautionary measure in case documents are lost in the postal system. Once a final decision has been reached, all documentation retained by the Case Sponsor should be destroyed.

The following is a list of recently updated documents on the Tribunal web page. Please be sure always to access forms from the website to ensure you are using the most recent version.

• Pauline Privilege Petition
• Favor of the Faith Based on the Petitioner’s Lack of Baptism
• Favor of the Faith Based on the Respondent’s Lack of Baptism
• Petitioner’s Preliminary Questionnaire for Formal Cases
• Petition for Lack of Canonical Form
• Petition for Declaration of Nullity Due to Existing Prior Bond of Marriage (Ligamen)

• Cuestionario/Información de la parte demandante/actora
• Petición de nulidad debido a falta de forma canónica
• Petición de disolución del vínculo a causa del privilegio paulino
• Petición para la declaración de nulidad a causa del vínculo previo de matrimonio de la parte demandada (Ligamen)

• Đơn Thỉnh Cầu Cho Trường Hợp Chính Thức
• Đơn Thỉnh Cầu Cho Trường Hợp Thiếu Thể Thức Giáo Luật
• Đơn Thỉnh Nguyện Đặc Ân Thánh Phao Lô
• Đơn Thỉnh Cầu Cho Trường Hợp Ràng Buộc Tiền Hôn (Ligamen)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Metropolitan Tribunal at 404-920-7500.