Recent Deaths, Necrology, and Ordination Anniversaries – January 2018

Recently Deceased
Please remember in your prayers the clergy/religious who died in the month of December: Fr. Roger Plante

As is customary in the Archdiocese of Atlanta, when a priest dies, all priests are asked to offer three Masses for the repose of the soul of: Fr. Roger Plante

Necrology [January] please remember in prayer the deceased Clergy whose anniversaries occur this month:

Reverend Gerard R. Hageman, S.M. 1/1/1961
Reverend William E. Calhoun 1/4/1997
Reverend George T. Daly 1/5/1960
Reverend J. Edwin Kelsch, C.SSR. 1/7/1969
Reverend Allan Dillman 1/7/2011
Reverend Richmond Egan, S.M. 1/12/2008
Reverend Austin Fogarty 1/15/2014
Reverend Charles F. Brogley, S.M. 1/16/2001
Reverend Michael Anthony Morris 1/19/1998
Reverend Edward D. Hennessey 1/20/1991
Reverend Michael J. Sullivan, S.M. 1/22/1955
Reverend Joseph A. Fahy, C.P. 1/22/2007
Reverend Philip H. Dagneau, S.M. 1/24/1971
Reverend Vincent J. Connors, C.P. 1/27/1975
Reverend Eugene Kwapisz, O.F.M. Conv. 1/27/1988
Most Reverend Francis E. Hyland 1/31/1968

Reverend Charles E. Moore, Jr. 1/14/1979
Reverend John C. Jansen 1/18/2006
Reverend Robert T. Ragan 1/19/1992
Reverend David J. Higgins 1/21/2007
Reverend David W. Rauth 1/31/1999

Anniversary of Ordination [January]
We pray for God’s blessing on the following clergy who celebrate the anniversary of their ordination during this month:

Reverend Peter Hopkins L. C. 1/3/1991
Reverend Edward Hopkins L.C. 1/3/1991
Reverend Patrick Langan L.C. 1/3/1991
Reverend Lawrence P. Niese 1/7/1995
Reverend Miguel Grave de Peralta 1/21/1996
Reverend Hernan Quevedo Rodriquez 1/11/1997
Reverend Martin Conner L.C. 1/2/2001
Reverend John L. Connor LC 1/2/2001
Reverend David Daly L. C. 1/2/2001
Reverend Dairo A. Rico 1/11/2003
Reverend Victor Córdova González C.S. 1/17/2015

Reverend Thomas A. Coffey 1/18/1992
Reverend Jon G. Atkinson 1/31/2004
Reverend Cesar I. Basilio 1/31/2004
Reverend Michael T. Byrne 1/31/2004
Reverend Ronald S. Carr 1/31/2004
Reverend Dennis J. Dorner 1/31/2004
Reverend Thomas R. Huff 1/31/2004
Reverend Leviticus Jelks 1/31/2004
Reverend N. Michel Landaiche 1/31/2004
Reverend Jesus A. Nerio 1/31/2004