Litigation Hold FAQs and Guidelines for Managing Records

To: Priests, Deacons, Parish and Mission Staff, School and Chancery Staff
From: Angelique Richardson, Director, Office of Archives & Records

Since the litigation hold notification was sent out on Friday, December 21, suspending ALL destruction of records and information for the entire Archdiocese of Atlanta, we have received many questions and wanted to share answers.

Please see the attached document that includes FAQs and guidelines covering the most frequently asked questions so far and some ideas of how to manage the excess records for the duration of the litigation hold.

Please keep in mind that this litigation hold stops destruction on all records and information for the Archdiocese of Atlanta, including all drafts, copies, versions, etc. That means everything, not just records related to sexual abuse of minors.

This litigation hold also applies to every single person, no matter their level within the archdiocese, including bishops, priests, deacons, employees and volunteers.

If you have questions related to the litigation hold or need assistance in managing your records or information for the duration, please contact the Office of Archives and Records at or 404-920-7694. We will do our best to provide updates as we receive them.