2018 #iGiveCatholic Important Program Changes

To: Pastors, Principals, Ministry Leaders, Stewardship and Development Directors
From: Maureen Cully, Manager of Marketing and Communications, Catholic Foundation of North Georgia

The Catholic Foundation of North Georgia is excited to announce that we will be sponsoring #iGiveCatholic in the Archdiocese of Atlanta again this year. This program exceeded our goals in 2017 and raised over $300,000 for 66 participating parishes, schools and non-profits. St. Lawrence and St. Pius X Catholic High School were the top parish and school across the country among participating dioceses!

With the exciting changes for 2018, we are confident that it will be even more successful in raising funds to meet the important needs around the archdiocese.

What is New for 2018?
• #iGiveCatholic has collaborated with a new platform called GiveGab, a more robust and user-friendly program that will enable your organization to receive the funds raised on giving day within just two to three days via a bank transfer. It will also enable you to customize your landing page to highlight your mission and reason for raising funds in a more compelling way.
• To be more donor-friendly, all parishes and schools will be pre-populated on the #iGiveCatholic website. This was done at a national level based on donor feedback that many organizations were not listed on the site. Organizations will still have the option to opt-out of participating, but can be listed on the site to receive donations without doing anything.

What Do We Need From You?
In order to communicate with your organization most efficiently, please provide the contact name and email of your designated #iGiveCatholic point person. The best person to do this will differ, depending on your size and staff. It may be a communications, stewardship or development staff member. For some, it could be a passionate volunteer. Some familiarity with social media is definitely a plus, but we are happy to help your contact person on social media if they need assistance.

Please email info@cfnga.org or call 404-497-9440 with your #iGiveCatholic contact person’s name and email address.

What is Next?
• An information packet will be mailed to your shortly.
• Training sessions at the Chancery and our office, as well as webinars will be available for staff members who wish to learn more about the program, best practices and important changes.
• Online registration will be August 16 – October 31, 2018.

For questions or more information, please contact Juliet Greco at jgreco@cfnga.org or 404-497-9440.