“Theology on Tap” Events in the Archdiocese

To: Priests, Deacons, Brothers, Sisters and Chancery Staff
CC: Parish Staff and Young Adult Ministries
From: Paula Gwynn Grant, Director, Office of Communications

For years, many of our parishes and archdiocesan departments have used the phrase “Theology on Tap” for young adult social events while learning more about the Catholic faith.

“Theology on Tap” is officially trademarked by RENEW International, a Catholic ministry organization that “empowers people and communities to encounter God in everyday life” under the Archdiocese of Newark.

If a ministry or archdiocesan office would like to host a “Theology on Tap” event, you must contact RENEW International for resources, tools and licensing.

While our archdiocese encourages ministries to host events similar to “Theology on Tap,” the event must have a different name.

The Office of Formation and Discipleship serves parishes with young adult ministry needs. For support and resources to help you host your next young adult event, please email ofd@archatl.com or call 404-920-7620.

Thank you.