Review of Paper and Electronic Records

To: Parish and School Staff
From: Angelique Richardson, Director, Office of Archives and Records

It is that time of year again! We are halfway through 2018, the perfect time to evaluate the records in your respective offices to determine what can be destroyed.

Please do not forget that our retention schedule is format-neutral! Remember to look at your electronic records in addition to your paper ones to determine if they are eligible for destruction.

Records may be shredded or deleted only with permission from the Chancellor. Please do not dispose of records unless you have received approval.

For permission to destroy records:
1. Use the Records Retention Schedule to determine if your records are eligible for destruction.
2. Complete the Records Disposition Form and submit it to
3. The disposition form will be returned to you upon approval of the Chancellor.
4. Once you have received your signed copy of the disposition form, you may proceed with destruction. Authorized employees should shred records.

If you require a shredding vendor, we suggest I-Shred. You may reach I-Shred at 770-667-9111. The cost is approximately $4 per box of shredded materials. Do not include binders, as shredding the metal in binders is a fire hazard.

If you have any questions, please email or call 404-920-7690.