Ethical Trade Sales in Parishes

To: Priests, Deacons, Parish and School Staff, Social Action Ministers
From: Kat Doyle, Director, Justice & Peace Ministries; Office of Life, Dignity and Justice

Ethical Trade (formerly known as Fair Trade) acknowledges both the dignity of the worker and the importance of engaging in environmentally sustainable trade. Ethical Trade Sales in partnership with Catholic Relief Services allow you to introduce your parish community to our brothers and sisters around the world through their art, food and stories of hope.

If you have never offered an Ethical Trade Sale in your parish, consider doing so! With the help of Justice and Peace Ministries, there are little to no costs associated with hosting a sale. Items can be purchased on consignment and returned if not sold. Justice and Peace Ministries keeps a limited stock of chocolate, coffee, tea, jewelry, candles and other items that can be sold at your parish.

Fall and Advent are popular times to hold sales, so start planning now! Contact Jayna Hoffacker, Justice and Peace Ministries Program Assistant, at or 404-920-7898 to get started today.