Recent Deaths, Necrology, and Ordination Anniversaries – June 2018

Recently Deceased

Please remember in your prayers the clergy/religious who died in the month of May: Deacon Hilliard Lee & Reverend Monsignor Stephen T. Churchwell J.C.D.

As is customary in the Archdiocese of Atlanta, when a priest dies, all priests are asked to offer three Masses for the repose of the soul of: Reverend Monsignor Stephen T. Churchwell J.C.D.

Necrology [June] please remember in prayer the deceased clergy whose anniversaries occur this month:

Reverend Edward Morley, O.C.S.O. 6/5/2017
Reverend Raymond F. Horan 6/9/2017
Reverend James Babb, S.J. 6/12/2002
Reverend Giancarlo Guisto 6/13/2016
Reverend Monsignor Daniel J. O’Connor 6/16/2010
Reverend Anthony Tran Van Kiem 6/16/2012
Reverend William A. Maguire, S.M. 6/27/1961
Reverend John A. Emmerth, S.M. 6/29/1962

Deacon Benjamin R. Petty Jr. 6/8/2001
Deacon Wayne D. Smith 6/10/2016
Deacon Julio Martinez 6/14/2015 Deacon Leon G. Allain 6/20/2000

Anniversary of Ordination [June]
We pray for God’s blessing on the following clergy who celebrate the anniversary of their ordination during this month:

Reverend Timothy K. Ryan 6/17/1962
Reverend Monsignor Edward J. Dillon J.C.D. 6/10/1967
Reverend Monsignor Paul Fogarty 6/10/1967
Reverend John C. Kieran 6/18/1967
Reverend James J. Fennessy 6/8/1968
Reverend Peter Fink S.J. 6/12/1969
Reverend John C. K. Fallon 6/6/1971
Reverend Michael J. Redden 6/10/1972
Reverend Paul W. Berny 6/17/1972
Reverend Patrick Earl S.J. 6/1/1974
Reverend Steven L. Yander 6/7/1974
Reverend Ralph F. Olek 6/15/1974
Reverend Monsignor Hugh M. Marren 6/20/1976
Reverend David McGuinness 6/5/1977
Reverend Monsignor John P. Walsh 6/12/1977
Reverend Fred W. Wendel 6/9/1978
Reverend Monsignor Edward J. Thein 6/2/1979
Reverend Bruce W. Wilkinson 6/27/1981
Reverend James P. Adams 6/5/1982
Reverend Monsignor Daniel Stack 6/5/1982
Reverend Monsignor Albert W. Jowdy 6/2/1984
Reverend Arthur Kirwin O. P. 6/9/1984
Reverend Monsignor James A. Schillinger S.T.L. 6/30/1984
Reverend Monsignor Peter J. Rau 6/1/1985
Rt. Reverend Archim. John Azar 6/26/1988
Reverend Paul A. Flood 6/10/1990
Reverend Alvaro D. Avendaño 6/6/1992
Reverend Timothy M. Hepburn 6/3/1993
Reverend Patrick J. Kingery 6/5/1993
Reverend Timothy Gadziala J.C.L., V.G., J.V. 6/4/1994
Reverend Adam Z. Ozimek 6/4/1994
Reverend Mark Horak S.J. 6/11/1994
Reverend Daniel J. Fleming 6/1/1996
Reverend John T. Howren 6/1/1996
Reverend Jose Duvan Gonzalez 6/1/1996
Reverend Peter Duc Vu 6/1/1996
Most Reverend Bernard E. Shlesinger III 6/22/1996
Reverend John R. Anderson 6/29/1996
Reverend Craig David 6/29/1996
Reverend William M. Williams 6/29/1996
Reverend Guyma Noel 6/7/1997
Reverend Tuan Quoc Tran 6/7/1997
Reverend Darragh W. Griffith 6/15/1997
Reverend Monsignor Jaime Barona V.F. 6/6/1998
Very Reverend Rafael A. Castaño Fernandez V.F. 6/6/1998
Very Reverend Victor A. Galier V.F. 6/6/1998
Reverend Richard K. Tibbetts 6/6/1998
Reverend Liam A. Coyne 6/13/1998
Reverend David Musso S.M. 6/13/1998
Reverend Kevin T. Peek 6/13/1998
Very Reverend Pedro Poloche J.C.L. 6/13/1998
Reverend Stephen Lyness 6/26/1998
Reverend Thony Roody Jean 6/3/1999
Reverend Brian J. Higgins 6/5/1999
Reverend Adrian C. H. Pleus 6/5/1999
Reverend Michael S. Sherliza 6/5/1999
Reverend Kevin J. Hargaden 6/12/1999
Reverend Fernando Molina Restrepo 6/12/1999
Reverend John F. Durkin, Jr. 6/19/1999
Reverend Thanh Liem Nguyen 6/19/1999
Reverend Luis Guillermo Córdoba 6/3/2000
Reverend Eric Hill 6/3/2000
Reverend John T. Conway 6/10/2000
Reverend Hieu Minh Ha 6/10/2000
Reverend Abel Guerrero Orta 6/16/2000
Reverend José Refugio Oñate Melendez 6/20/2000
Reverend Robert A. Frederick 6/24/2000
Reverend Pavol Brenkus 6/2/2001
Reverend Randall T. Mattox 6/2/2001
Reverend Joseph J. Shaute 6/2/2001
Reverend Patrick Daugherty C. P. 6/13/2002
Reverend Terence Crone 6/15/2002
Reverend Bryan Small 6/15/2002
Reverend JohnPaul C. Ezeonyido 6/7/2003
Reverend John M. Matejek 6/7/2003
Reverend S. Patrick Scully 6/14/2003
Reverend Fabio Alvarez Posada 6/5/2004
Reverend Cyril Soo-Gil Chae 6/5/2004
Very Reverend Diosmar Natad V.F. 6/5/2004
Reverend Tan Robert Pham S.J. 6/13/2004
Reverend Kolbe Man-Young Chung S. J. 6/23/2004
Reverend Dominique Hanna 6/9/2007
Reverend Andrew Choong-Yeol Ryu S.J. 6/27/2007
Reverend Armando Herrejon Lopez 6/30/2007
Reverend Jaime Rivera 6/30/2007
Reverend Thomas J. Kenny S.J. 6/13/2009
Reverend Nicholas G. Azar STL 6/27/2009
Reverend Timothy Gallagher 6/27/2009
Reverend Salomon Garcia 6/27/2009
Reverend William T. Hao 6/27/2009
Reverend Omar Loggiodice 6/27/2009
Reverend Brian Lorei 6/27/2009
Reverend Ignacio Morales Solis 6/27/2009
Reverend Dominic Tran 6/27/2009
Reverend Llane B. Briese 6/26/2010
Reverend Mario A. Lopez 6/26/2010
Reverend Thang M. Pham 6/26/2010
Reverend Michael R. Silloway 6/26/2010
Reverend Carlos Vargas 6/26/2010
Reverend Thomas A. Zahuta 6/26/2010
Reverend Joshua Allen 6/18/2011
Reverend Juan Jose Teran Sanchez 6/18/2011
Reverend Tri John Bosco Nguyen 6/2/2012
Reverend Mark Starr 6/2/2012
Reverend Joseph DeGuzman F.S.S.P. 6/1/2013
Reverend Dennis James Dorner Jr. 6/8/2013
Reverend Feiser Elliott Muñoz Polanco 6/8/2013
Reverend Cong T. Nguyen 6/8/2013
Reverend Michael Christopher Revak 6/8/2013
Reverend Gaurav Manu Shroff 6/8/2013
Reverend Thomas Benjamin Shuler 6/8/2013
Reverend Richard Anh Vu 6/8/2013
Reverend Luis Efrain Alvarez 6/28/2014
Reverend Brian Holbrook Baker 6/28/2014
Reverend Matthew C. Dalrymple 6/28/2014
Reverend Desmond W. Drummer 6/28/2014
Reverend Junot Nelvy 6/28/2014
Reverend Reybert Pineda Avellaneda 6/28/2014
Reverend Patrick C. Ekong C.M.F. 6/28/2014
Reverend Mark Thomas 6/25/2015
Reverend Brian Bufford 6/27/2015
Reverend Jorge Carranza 6/27/2015
Reverend Branson Hipp 6/27/2015
Reverend Timothy Nadolski 6/27/2015
Reverend Valery Injuoh Akoh 6/25/2016
Reverend Juan Carlos Cifuentes Posada 6/25/2016
Reverend Roberto Suarez Barbosa 6/25/2016
Reverend Gerardo Ceballos Gonzalez 6/25/2016
Reverend Rodolfo Casals S. J. 6/10/2017
Reverend Bradley A. Starr 6/24/2017
Reverend Bryan J. Kuhr 6/24/2017

Deacon Walter T. Bedard 6/17/1978
Deacon James M. Stewart 6/24/1989
Deacon John S. Strachan 6/24/1989
Deacon Loris R. Sinanian 6/24/1989
Deacon Rafael Cintron 6/24/1989
Deacon Thomas D. Silvestri 6/24/1989
Deacon Timothy K. Kirksey 6/24/1989
Deacon William Keen 6/24/1989
Deacon Al C. McHugh 6/16/1990
Deacon Benedict Gross 6/16/1990
Deacon Bill J. Bevacqua 6/16/1990
Deacon Donald A. Kelsey 6/16/1990
Deacon Jerry M. Lett 6/16/1990
Deacon Lawrence B. Casey 6/4/1991
Deacon Anthony F. Cuomo 6/8/1991
Deacon Felix Marrero 6/8/1991
Deacon Joseph B. Goolsby 6/8/1991
Deacon Raymond F. Egan 6/8/1991
Deacon Ronald A. Comeau 6/8/1991
Deacon William J. Monahan 6/9/1991
Deacon James E. Stone 6/10/1995
Deacon Jerry R. Korte 6/10/1995
Deacon Jim G. Weeks 6/10/1995
Deacon Michael K. Mobley 6/10/1995
Deacon William F. McCarthy 6/10/1995
Deacon John A. Koppenaal 6/28/1997
Deacon Alberto Figueredo 6/17/2000
Deacon Richard B. Searls 6/1/2002
Deacon Victor L. Taylor 6/15/2002
Deacon Augustin Pierre-Louis 6/12/2004
Deacon Earl D. Jackson 6/10/2006
Deacon John D. Buchholz 6/10/2006
Deacon Richard D. Downey 6/7/2008