Recent Deaths, Necrology and Ordination Anniversaries – May 2018

Recently Deceased
Please remember in your prayers the clergy/religious who died in the month of April: Reverend Daniel J. McCormick

As is customary in the Archdiocese of Atlanta, when a priest dies, all priests are asked to offer three Masses for the repose of the soul of Reverend Daniel J. McCormick.

Necrology [May] please remember in prayer the deceased Clergy whose anniversaries occur this month:

Reverend Francis Larney, S.M. 5/20/1941
Reverend Ignatius Gottfried, S.M. 5/10/1951
Reverend Thomas Roshetko, S.M. 5/21/1981
Reverend Brent A. Bohan 5/22/1988
Monsignor E. Peter Ludden 5/18/1989
Reverend John J. Emerick, S.M. 5/29/1993
Reverend Patrick Mendola, OFM Conv. 5/18/1995
Reverend John R. Henley 5/7/2003
Reverend Joseph F. Ware 5/31/2005
Reverend Monsignor Leo P. Herbert 5/15/2017
Reverend Terry Kane 5/17/2017

Deacon Richard E. Machan 5/21/1994
Deacon Winston A. Leverett 5/30/1998
Deacon Homer Woods 5/8/2000
Deacon Maurice P. Chapple 5/26/2004
Deacon David C. Corbett 5/10/2010
Deacon Stephen Bek 5/4/2017

Anniversary of Ordination [May]
We pray for God’s blessing on the following Clergy who celebrate the anniversary of their ordination during this month:

Very Reverend Richard B. Morrow 5/19/1955
Reverend Edward Danneker 5/23/1964
Reverend Monsignor Henry C. Gracz 5/8/1965
Reverend Anthony T. Curran 5/20/1967
Reverend Raymond F. Horan 5/18/1968
Reverend James H. Sexstone 5/17/1969
Reverend Joseph G. Aquino, M.S. 5/24/1969
Reverend John S. Adamski 5/22/1971
Reverend Monsignor Terry W. Young 5/6/1972
Reverend Thomas J. Meehan 5/20/1972
Reverend Monsignor Peter A. Dora 5/27/1972
Reverend Thomas Reilly M.S. 5/27/1972
The Most Reverend Wilton D. Gregory 5/9/1973
Reverend Monsignor Patrick A. Bishop 5/18/1974
Reverend Monsignor Stephen T. Churchwell J.C.D 5/1/1976
Reverend Paul Miskiewicz OFM Conv. 5/5/1976
Reverend Joseph Pottemmel M.S.F.S. 5/15/1976
Reverend James Duffy S.M. 5/5/1979
The Most Reverend Joel M. Konzen S.M. 5/19/1979
Reverend William Rowland 5/19/1979
Reverend John Boll O.P. 5/21/1982
Very Reverend Jude Michael Krill OFM, Conv., V.F. 5/14/1983
Very Reverend Brian R. Sheridan M.S.V.F. 5/28/1983
Reverend Balappa Selvaraj 5/15/1986
Reverend Roy Arthur Lee 5/17/1986
Reverend N. Brendan Doyle 5/7/1989
Reverend David M. Dye 5/30/1992
Reverend Francis X. Richardson 5/28/1993
Reverend Sunny Punnakuziyil M.S.F.S. 5/5/1994
Reverend Victor J. Reyes 5/20/1994
Reverend John M. Murphy 5/27/1994
Reverend Monsignor Francis G. McNamee 5/26/1995
Reverend Monsignor W. Joseph Corbett 5/28/1995
Reverend Paul A. Burke J.C.L. 5/24/1996
Reverend Wieslaw Henryk Berdowicz SChr. 5/26/1998
Reverend Gary Johnson OFM Conv. 5/20/2000
Reverend John C. Coughlin O.F.M. 5/25/2002
Reverend Jeffery Ott O.P. 5/30/2002
Reverend Neil J. Herlihy 5/28/2005
Reverend Yuen Servañez Caballejo 5/27/2006
Very Reverend Rafael Carballo V.F. 5/27/2006
Reverend José Luis Hernández Ayala 5/27/2006
Reverend Urey P. Mark S.V.D. 5/26/2007
Reverend Scott F. Brookbank O.F.M. 5/1/2008
Reverend Tamiru F. Atraga 5/24/2008
Reverend Juan Francisco Anzora 5/31/2008
Very Reverend Juan Areiza V.F. 5/31/2008
Reverend Henry Atem 5/31/2008
Reverend Neil Dhabliwala 5/31/2008
Reverend Gilbert Exume 5/31/2008
Reverend James Flanagan 5/31/2008
Reverend Roberto Herrera Castañeda 5/31/2008
Reverend Daniel P. Ketter 5/31/2008
Very Reverend Henry Atem V. F. 5/31/2008
Reverend Matthew McCarthy F.S.S.P. 5/21/2011

Deacon Robert F. Tipton 5/30/1981
Deacon Joseph C. Anzalone 5/16/1987
Deacon Matias A. Casal 5/16/1987
Deacon Jerry F. Connell 5/16/1987
Deacon Evelio Garcia-Carreras 5/16/1987
Deacon Edmund M. Grabowy 5/16/1987
Deacon William L. Jindrich 5/16/1987
Deacon Michael R. Jones 5/16/1987
Deacon J. Nicholas Morning 5/16/1987
Deacon Jose A. Narvaez 5/16/1987
Deacon Cecil R. Reimer 5/16/1987
Deacon Whitney Robichaux 5/16/1987
Deacon Richard M. Suever 5/16/1987
Deacon Richard P. Tolcher 5/16/1987
Deacon Paul E. Dietz 5/23/1987
Deacon James M. Easterwood 5/23/1987
Deacon Alexander S. Gallagher 5/23/1987
Deacon William W. Keeling 5/23/1987
Deacon Martin J. Lampe 5/23/1987
Deacon Alfred Mitchell 5/23/1987
Deacon Donald N. Nadeau 5/23/1987
Deacon Thomas R. Shaver 5/23/1987
Deacon Ralph A. Lamachia 5/13/1995
Deacon Bernard J. Casey 5/14/1999
Deacon Frederick Toca 5/1/2001
Deacon Luis C. Lorza 5/31/2003
Deacon Bradford A. Krupa 5/10/2005
Deacon Marino Gonzalez 5/19/2007
Deacon Phillip G. Smilski 5/26/2012