Remuneration 2018-19

To: All Pastors, Parish Administrators, and Business Managers
From: Brad Wilson, Chief Financial Officer, Office of Finance

Attached you will find the Policy for Remuneration of Priests, Priest salary by years of service including SECA allowance and 403b match, and the Religious (Brothers and Sisters) salary and benefits schedule.

The new salary schedules begin July 1, 2018 and reflect a 2.0% increase as recommended by the Council of Priests.

Please note these changes in the Remuneration Policy:
• Item 4:
Food Allowance: Based on a Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) food allowance is increasing from $900 to $918 per month.
The $18 increase will be added to the cash allowance for all those who receive some or all the food allowance unless a change is requested by the Pastor to the centralized Payroll Manager.

• Item 5:
Automobile Allowance: For those priests electing to procure auto insurance directly from an insurance company versus being included in the fleet program, the liability limit is being decreased from $1 million to $500 thousand.

Questions in relation to the policy or the salary schedule can be directed to me at or to Elsa Rullan in the Finance office,