Budget Instructions for Fiscal Year 2018-2019

To: Pastors, Principals, Parish Administrators and Business Managers
From: Michael Warren, Controller, Office of Finance

Please see the attached insurance, retirement and other budgeting rates schedule the Archdiocese of Atlanta publishes annually to help you with your budget preparation for the next fiscal year.

The remuneration policy with priest salaries, SECA and 403b maximum match will be sent separately this year, after approval by the Priests Council.

Please create your 2018-2019 budgets in the ConnectNow Accounting system and submit your final version to Patrick Warner by May 31, 2018. Please send the information electronically to pwarner@archatl.com.

To recap, the parish/school deductibles are $2,500 per claim for property claims, $50,000 per claim for events where special events coverage was not obtained, and $500 for auto claims for vehicles insured through the fleet insurance policy.

The archdiocese continues to have a combined $150,000 deductible for property and liability claims.

If you have any questions, please call 404-920-7411. Patrick Warner, Susan Shirley and Sherri Dahlheim will coordinate budget workshops in March and April at the Chancery as requested, and will schedule an online session for those who would like to participate remotely.

Thank you.