2017-2018 Workers’ Compensation

To: Parish and School Business Managers and Bookkeepers
From: Patrick Warner, Parish Accounting Manager, Office of Finance

We have started the annual renewal process for our employees’ Workers’ Compensation insurance policy. We are asking each location to please submit their workers’ compensation data via the Paychex “Workers Compensation” report – REPT0013. Please see the attached instructions for generating this report from Paychex. In order for the report to be accurate, ALL employees must be assigned the correct workers’ comp code.

Below is the list of Workers’ Comp codes currently in use by the Archdiocese of Atlanta:

8868 All Clergy, All Sisters, All Teachers, All Office and Administrative Personnel, Managers, Speakers, Coordinators, Religious Education, Musicians and Paid Choir Members
9101 Janitors, Maintenance Personnel, Yard Men, Dishwashers
0913 Maids and/or Housekeepers, Rectory Cooks, Cafeteria Cooks & Help, Cleaning Companies WITHOUT Workmen’s Compensation Coverage
8829 Nurses (RN, LPM)
7383 Bus Drivers

There are other codes listed in Paychex, so only use the workers comp codes listed above.

Please do not include any 1099 contractors that you pay through Paychex. As a reminder, police officers are not paid through Paychex as employees. Police officers must be paid as 1099 contractors.

Please submit the Paychex Workers Compensation report to Patrick Warner via email (pwarner@archatl.com) by Friday, January 19, 2018.

When completed, the report will be the basis for billing the Workers’ Compensation insurance expense to each parish and school. The billing will be included in the April invoices. If you are unable to submit the report by the due date, we will estimate your parish or school wages based upon the previous year with an assumption of an increase.

This data will ultimately be reviewed and audited by State of Georgia Workers’ Compensation professionals.

Thank you for your help compiling this information.