Scam Alert – Comedian Posing as Someone in Need

To: Priests, Deacons, Brothers, Sisters, Principals, Parish and Chancery Staff
From: Paula Gwynn Grant, Director, Office of Communications

The Office of Communications has been notified about a scam affecting churches and schools.

Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Atlanta received a call from a man named Ian Edwards who posed as someone needing help with a serious problem. He called from a private number that is not readable on Caller ID.

Mr. Edwards is a standup comic and podcaster, and his repeated calls may be to acquire material for his comedy act in order to scandalize and/or embarrass the Catholic Church.

Please be aware he may toss out topics to trigger a reaction. He is known to ask about the following topics:

• Space aliens and travel
• Catholics being tough guys
• Churches hiding the Arc of the Covenant
• Homosexuality
• Masturbation
• Premarital sex

If your office receives a call from Mr. Edwards or his staff, please notify me immediately at or (404) 920-7344.

Thank you.