2017 October Mass Counts

To: Pastors and Parish Business Managers
From: David Spotanski, Chief Operating Officer

Again this year, Archbishop Gregory has requested that all parishes and missions in the Archdiocese of Atlanta conduct a representative count of the number of people who attend Mass. We rely on the participation of all our parishes and missions in this process to help identify trends and obtain an accurate baseline for future counts.

The procedure to count your Mass attendees is up to you, but please make every effort to be as accurate as possible and don’t simply estimate. Please see below for some examples of counting methods.

For us to have the most accurate data, it is necessary to conduct Mass counts over all October weekends each year. This includes October 7-8, October 14-15, October 21-22 and October 28-29. There is also a place to record explanations for unusual attendance. All weekend Masses should be recorded individually at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2017OctoberMassCounts.

If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Miles in our Office of Planning and Research at jmiles@archatl.com or 404-920-7852.

On behalf of Archbishop Gregory, thank you very much in advance for your cooperation!

Preparing for Counting Mass Attendance
• Decide if you will use ushers or another designated team to take a precise count at each Mass over the weekends in October.
• Decide how your team will track the Mass count, who will complete the form, and where the form will be left after Mass.

Suggested Mass Count Procedures
• Count Mass attendance during the homily (since everyone is seated and there is little movement at this time) or discretely between the Homily and offertory.
• Counts can be taken from the sides or back of their section(s) in the church.
• Designate someone to count the ministers in the sanctuary (priests, deacons, acolytes, altar servers, lectors, cantors, and so forth).
• Each counter should enter the total for the section(s) counted in the appropriate box and column on the count form. It is important to complete the box for each section.
• Leave the tally sheet on the ushers’ desk or other designated location.